Termite Control at BioGuard Pest Control

Termites love to munch on dry wood, and the wood in your house is no exception. If you start seeing little bits of sawdust, it might be coming from termites snacking on your walls and ceiling. When this happens, you’ll want to get termite inspection.


It’s not always easy to find termites unless you have the proper training. This is where the termite control company can come in to help. By hiring them to take a look, you’ll be sure to learn whether or not stronger measures are necessary.


If the termite inspection turns up an infestation, the exterminator will need to get rid of the bugs. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now accomplish this without having to tent your house as seen in traditional fumigation. Sprays and poisoned bait can do just as good of a job, without the inconvenience.


Would you like to know more? If you’re worried about bugs in your home, a reliable pest control company is just a phone call away. Contact BioGuard Pest Control in Virginia Beach, VA, to get a thorough inspection.


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