Rodent Control at BioGuard Pest Control

Bugs aren’t the only thing that an exterminator has to eliminate. Sometimes, the pests are bigger and furrier. If you have a rodent control problem in your home, you know it’s no joke. Rats have a way of repelling people, and it’ll be hard to invite guests if they know these critters are scurrying across your floorboards.


Not only that, but rats can also carry disease and get into the stored food, spoiling it for anyone but themselves. At a certain point, you’ll want to call a professional to get rid of it. Pest control services often include rodent control, and they’ll be sure to do a good job.


Residents of Virginia Beach, VA}, who are dealing with rats in the home should call BioGuard Pest Control. These exterminators can perform rat control, insect removal, termite inspection, and many other services, making sure that the house is safe for its rightful residents: humans.


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